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March 2-6

Monday - Complete passage stop n jots begun on Friday; Rough draft essay assigned and due Friday
Tues. - Text Elements and concept Voc. p.267-268
Wed. Author's craft p,. 269 Handout Author's Craft PR
Thursday - Handout - Word Study - Synonyms
                 Complete any missing work
Friday - Turn in essay and visit the library.
          Early release 1pm

End of the 3rd week of this six weeks.

Feb. 24-28, 2020 Lessons

Open book test Thursday - Biometrics Are Not Better p. 271-272
 Students should read 20 min. every night.
Monday - STAAR RenPlace Reading benchmark - AR
                Essay - What Good Is Facebook?
Tue. - Text Elements p. 275 1-4; Voc./word study p. 276
Wed. - Word study handout; Conventions p, 277 & handout (prepositions)
Thu - Open book test Biometrics Are Not Better
Friday - Vocabulary The Biometric Body p. 261-264
              Read selection The Biometric Body with Stop N Jots.

January 27 - January 31, 2020

Jan. 27-Jan. 31
Monday - Read works passage and questions
Tues. - Complete passage and questions; Achieve 3000
Wed. - reading Science Fiction "The Fun They Had" from Unit 3 in '
Thursday - Complete work from short story; pages 325 and 327
Friday - Achieve 3000

January 21-24

January 21-24
Tues.Wed. - practicing reading strategy on a passage from previous test
Thursday - Achieve 3000
Friday - Library

January 13-17, 2020

Jan. 13-17
  Monday-Wednesday - Evaluation of STAR benchmark and how to use strategies to increase scores.
Thursday -Friday - Achieve 300 (this is a reading program to help improve reading comprehension)
 Read AR each night for 20 min.
AR points will be due Feb.13th.

Jan. 7-10, 2020

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. 2020 is going to be a good year. Report cards go out Wednesday.

 Monday - Teacher work day/ student holiday
 Tuesday - Ren place reading test and complete rough drafts.
Wednesday - Edit and proofread rough draft
Thursday - Final copy due
Friday - Library

Nov. 18- 22, 2019

Read library books 20 min. every day.
Monday - How Smart are Animals? Selection
                   Define Vocabulary words p. 150
Tue/Wed STARR benchmark testing
Thursday - Read & take notes - How Smart Are Animals? p. 151-158
Friday - Build Insight p. 159
                Text Elements p. 161
Next Week is Thanksgiving Holidays! I wish each of you and your families a blessed time together

October 21-25

Personal Narrative due next Monday. This is an outside of class assignment. Students should use pages 114-115 for guidelines.

Monday - Unit 1 Exam
Tuesday - Begin Unit 2 Natural Allies pages 120-121
Wednesday - Reading Buddies pg 122-124
Thursday - Friday
          Achieve 3000 this is a reading program used during school hours to help students advance reading skills.
  Read AR
 Progress reports go out Wednesday. To help parents have a better idea of their student's grade, I have entered grades for AR on the progress report. Please understand there is still 3 weeks for students to complete and reach their AR goal. Therefore, if your student's grade shows an M it means they have no points at this point in time.
AR points are due the last Friday of the six weeks. I will adjust grades as your student completes their goals.

Oct. 8-11

Tues. Continue selection The Sound of Summer Running which students
             read last week.
          Discussion of selection using literary strategy RACE p. 102-103
Wed. Text elements and Author's Craft p.104-105
Thursday - Selection Test
Friday - Comparing Fiction p.106-107

Sept. 30 - Oct. 4 2019

2nd Six Weeks begins. Wednesday is Early release
Monday - cont. Prince Francis - word study and author's craft handouts (will be homework if not finished)
Tuesday - evaluate homework and discuss tomorrow's Open book tests.
Wed. - Open book exam Prince Francis. Includes word study and author's craft.
Thursday - Begin next reading Selection - The Sound of Summer Running Page 94 - concept Vocabulary
Page 95-101 Selection ( on audio)
Friday - Library Day AR points start over.
           Complete reading selection from yesterday if the student did not finish reading it.

September 23-27, 2019

End of six weeks -Friday AR point due Thur.-Fri.
Test on Friday - Covers Elements of Plot and Vocabulary (quizlet)
Monday - notes for Friday test and Intro Prince Francis p.78-81
Tues. - Prince Francis page 81-89
Wednesday - Complete Reading p.81-89 Begin comprehension of selection and analysis p.90-91
Thursday - Continue work over selection p. 92-93
                      Study for test tomorrow AND complete AR points
Friday - AR points due
               Test Elements of plot and vocabulary (quizlet)
               Complete Prince Francis work.

Sept. 9-13

**Progress reports given to students Wednesday.
**Selection test - Wednesday
Mon. - Learn new reading program - Achieve 3000; pg. 23-24 text
Tues. - Evaluate pg. 23-24; Complete page 25 Review selection
Wed. - Selection Test "Brown Girl Dreaming"
Thurs. - Pages 28-31 Whole Class and Individual work
Calvin and Hobbes - evaluate media comic strip
Friday - Evaluate yesterday's work; Page 32
*** Homework is classwork not completed in class.

Sept. 3-6, 2019

Week 3. It has been a slow start for ELAR but I feel it is important for our 6th graders to get the hang of procedures etc. They seem to be adjusting well.
Tues. New selection from textbook. Pages 12-14 Vocabulary
Wed. Read selection pages 15-21
Thurs. Complete written activities p.21-22
Friday - Library 
End of 3rd Six Weeks -- Progress reports next Wednesday.. Given to students to take home.

Info for August 26-30, 2019

Great first week of school! 
Monday - complete any activities not accomplished last week.
Tuesday - Begin Unit 1 from textbook Growing Up. 
                   P. 4 Goal sheet P. 5 Vocabulary
Wednesday - Listen/read Wagon Train at Dusk p.6-7
Thurs. - Summary and Quick Write pages 8-9
Friday - Compose final copy of last week's poem
             Complete any Bell Ringers not finished from this week.
             Read AR book

May 6-10, 2019

One week until STAAR Testing!
Monday: Continue practicing STAAR Reading strategies
              Greek and Latin Roots Unit 12 - It Takes Two (Test Friday)
Tuesday - Continue STAAR practice
Wednesday - Complete practice / study Unit 12 
Thursday - Plan for writing an informative essay
Friday - Unit 12 Greek and Latin Roots Test
              Discuss expectations for STAAR
 Water and crackers will be provided to each student for the test. Please do not send extra snacks with students. Thank you for your co-operation.