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I graduated from Lexington High School in 1990. I then went on to graduate from Texas A&M University in 1995. I have been teaching social studies for 19 years. I love history because it is constantly being created with every moment that goes by. My hope is to not only teach your children history but to have them fall in love with it. I have been married for 19 years and I have three children. They are ten, seven and five. I am a huge sports fan of all kinds. I also enjoy hunting and fishing with my kids. I am very excited to be back here in Clifton and look forward to a wonderful year.


Recent Posts

8th Grade US History 4/23-4/27

Monday-Reconstruction Acts
Tuesday-effects of Reconstruction on the different branches of gov't (day 1)
Wednesday-effects of Reconstruction on the different branches of gov't (day 2)
Thursday-wrap up and review for exam over Reconstruction
Friday-Exam of Reconstruction

8th Grade US History 4/14-4/20

Monday-  Introduction to the Reconstruction Era
Tuesday-  Problems faced by the US during Reconstruction
Wednesday-  Continuation from Tuesday
Thursday-  Legislative Acts
Friday-  Legislative Acts Day 2

8th Grade US History 4/9-4/13

Monday-Civil War in the West
Tuesday-STAAR all morning, 5th period study island
Wednesday-STAAR all morning, 5th period study island
Thursday-Appomattox and the end of the Civil War.  Review when done.
Friday-Unit 11 Exam over the Civil War

8th Grade US History 4/2-4/6

Monday- Significant people of the Civil War (Day 1)
Tuesday-Significant people of the Civil War (Day 2)
Wednesday-1st person perspective Civil War leaders (Day 1)
Thursday-1st person perspective Civil War leaders (Day 2)
Thursday-Major parts broken down in Civil War

8th Grade US History 3/26-3/30

Monday-Word sort over causes of Civil War
Tuesday-Congress and Slavery
Wednesday-Civil War Leaders day 1
Thursday-Civil War Leaders day 2
Friday-Good Friday 

8th Grade US History 3/5-3/9

Monday-Introduction to the causes of the Civil War
Tuesday-Division between the North, the South and the West
Wednesday-Dispute over slavery
Thursday-Dispute over Kansas
Friday-Political division

8th Grade US History 1/19-1/23

Monday-Wrap up and review for Unit 9 Exam of Industrial Revolution
Tuesday-Test over Unit 9
Wednesday-Introduction to the Reform Age.
Thursday-Art Reflection
Friday-Introduction to the different Reform movements

8th Grade US History 1/12-1/16

Monday-transportation, communication and growth and development of industry
Tuesday-regional differences between the North and South involving industry
Wednesday-Industrial Revolution review of causes
Thursday-technological innovations
Friday-Building of the Erie Canal and its effect on the US

8th Grade US History 2/5-2/9

Monday-Introduction to the Industrial Revolution
Tuesday-Test over Manifest Destiny
Wednesday-Economy of the North
Thursday-Who, what, where, when, why and how of the Industrial Revolution
Friday-Cause and effect of Industrial Revolution

8th Grade US History 1/29-2/2

Monday- Different trails of Manifest Destiny and the Gadsden Purchase
Tuesday-  Review for exam
Wednesday- Exam 8
Thursday-  Introduction to the Industrial movement
Friday- Northern economy

8th Grade US History 1/22-1/26

Monday-Significant Events of Manifest Destiny Day 1
Tuesday-Significant Events of Manifest Destiny Day 2
Wednesday-Northwest Ordinance
Thursday-Economics of Manifest Destiny
Friday-Primary and secondary sources (Manifest Destiny)

8th Grade US History 1/15-1/19

Monday- Student Holiday
Tuesday- We will go over benchmark exam
Wednesday- Introduction to Manifest Destiny
Thursday- Art interpretation and begin day one of small group work over Manifest Destiny
Friday- Day  2 of Small group work over Manifest Destiny

8th Grade US History 1/8-1/12

Monday-Jackson's troubles (Afternoon classes due to English Benchmark)
Tuesday-Jackson's troubles (Morning classes due to Math Benchmark)
Wednesday-Review for exam (Science Benchmark)
Thursday-Review for exam (History Benchmark)
Friday-Unit 7 exam

8th Grade US History 1/1-1/5

Monday- Happy New Years
Wednesday-Refresher over major issues in Jackson's Presidency
Thursday-Pre-Civil War issues facing our country
Friday-John Quincy Adams

8th Grade US History 12/17-12/21

Monday-all in with the Nullification Crisis
Tuesday- Nullification, Indian Removal and the Banking Crisis