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8th Grade ELAR (April 23-27)

Monday-Thursday: Drama
 The Diary of Anne Frank
Read Act 1 Scenes 1-5
Friday: Test
The Diary of Anne Frank
Act 1 Scenes 1-5

8th Grade ELAR (April 9-13

8th Grade STAAR Testing this week.
Tuesday: Math
Wednesday: Reading

8th Grade ELAR (April 2-6)

Monday-Wednesday: STAAR Test Preparation 
1) Vocab in Context
2) STAAR Passage with Questions
Thursday and Friday: Station Work
1) Read Selection from Literature Book
2) Selection work
3) STAAR practice passage 
4) Read AR
Winners of the STAAR Competition will have a pizza and cookie lunch.

8th Grade ELAR ) March 26-29

Monday and Tuesday
1) STAAR Practice Paired Selections & Questions
2) Fiction Work: "The Story-Teller"
3) AR
Wednesday and Thursday
1) STAAR Practice Paired Selections & Questions
2) Fiction Work: "No Guitar Blues"
3) AR

8th Grade ELAR ( March 19-23)

Nonfiction STAAR Practice ( Reading and Test Strategies)
Wednesday and Thursday (Stations)
1) Paired Passages STAAR Practice (Reading and Test Strategies)
2) Read and complete activities: from Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad
3) Read AR (Reading Stamina) AR grade due April 20
Test: STAAR Reading and Test Strategies and Harriet Tubman
***8th Grade STAAR Reading Assessment: April 11***

8th ELAR (February 19-23)

Monday and Tuesday
Finish Woodsong work.
Review for Woodsong Test.
Woodsong Test
Thursday and Friday
Informational Texts
Text Sturctures

8th Grade ELAR (January 29-February 2)

Monday: Poetry Unit Test
Tuesday:Continue Book Club 
1)Read Chapter 4
2) Library
Wednesday and Thursday: Book Club
1) Read Chapter 5
2) Journal Meeting 5
3) Analyze Informational Texts
4) Read AR
Friday: Book Club
Read Chapter 6
Journal Meeting 6
Read AR

8th Grade ELAR (January 22-26)

Monday: Begin Book Club
Woodsong by Gary Paulsen
1) Read Chapter 1 
2) Journal: Meeting 1
Tuesday and Wednesday: Book Club
1) Read Chapter 2
2) Journal: Meeting 2
3) Analyze Poetry
4) Read AR
Thursday and Friday: Book Club
1) Read Chapter 3
2) Journal: Meeting 3
3) Analyze Poetry: Poetry Unit Assessment Monday
4) Read AR
AR Grades: Due March 2

8th Grade ELAR ( January 16-19)

Analyze Poems
Friday: Early Release
1) Unit Assessment: Poetry
2) AR Grades due 

8th Grade ELAR (January 8-12)

Benchmark Tests
Monday: Reading
Afternoon ELAR classes: Analyze Poetry
Tuesday: Math
Morning ELAR classes: Analyze Poetry
Wednesday: Science
Afternoon ELAR classes: Analyze Poetry
Thursday: History
Afternoon ELAR classes: Analyze Poetry
Friday: ELAR classes: Quiz over Poetry

8th Grade ELAR (December 11-15)

Tuesday: Library
Wednesday and Thursday: Analyze speeches
Friday: Nonfiction Assessment (Speech and Nonfiction Literary Terms)

8th Grade ELAR (December 4-8)

Monday & Tuesday: Persuasive Texts (Make Connections)
Wednesday: UIL
Thursday: Review Persuasive Texts
Friday: Persuasive Texts Assessment
AR Grades due January 19, 2018.

8th Grade ELAR (November 13-17)

Monday: Paper Bag Book Report Presentations. 
Tuesday and Wednesday: Introduce persuasive techniques and read a persuasive speech.  
Thursday and Friday: Station Work
1) Read persuasive text
2)  Analyze persuasive text 
3) Vocabulary work
4) Read AR
AR Grades due Friday, November 17

October 30-November 3

Monday: Background information from Anne Frank and Me
Tuesday and Wednesday: Read from Anne Frank and Me, take notes while reading, work with Greek and Latin roots, and read AR.
Thursday: Read The Governess and take notes while reading.
Friday: Quiz: from Anne Frank and Me and The Governess
* Book Report due November 13
* AR Grades due November 17

8th Grade ELAR (October 23-27)

Monday:  Review and finish working in Outsiders Journal.
Tuesday: 1)Review Outsiders Vocabulary 2) Library
Wednesday: Review for Outsiders Test (Drama Summary)
Thursday: Test- The Outsiders
Friday: Compare and Contrast movie and novel.