Clifton Middle School

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Training Sessions for Students and Families

This year at Clifton Middle School, we plan to focus on training our students, and families, on topics such as bullying identification, reporting and prevention, cyber-bullying identification, reporting and prevention, the new David's Law, inappropriate online postings, cell phone safety, online citizenship and safety and empathy. Today was our first training session with our 6th grade students and it went well. 
Today's focus idea for them to leave with was: Before you post, snap, tweet, text or say anything to, or about, someone, think about how that would make you feel if someone said it to you. 
We will meet with our 7th grade students on Friday and with our 8th grade students on Monday. We are also planning the first of several parent information sessions. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone, 254-675-1855, email, or come by for a visit. AB